GSK Human Performance Lab Responsive Site

CMS driven site to showcase GSK's applied science facility and act as a portal for its research. Site content could be public or private, with some reserved for registered Science Community members. A large part of the design was working out how best to display and highlight this difference.

We mostly designed flats in photoshop and built straight into the bespoke CMS system itself, styling as needed.

UI/UX Direction from Martine Gardener


Art Direction Ideas
Exploring initial possibilities for the site's visual language. The Lab had a distinct style from its interior that inspired the interface. Ultimately the client decided on a minimal look highlighting the content that we collaborated on with GSK's internal design team.


As the branding was hexagonal, we masked html blocks to create shapes to hold any content. They could then be repositioned for different container widths and devices.


A core function of the site was to host the HPL's collection of specialist articles. Each article was treated as a searchable object with associated assets ( image, title, summary, tags, etc) which could be displayed in different ways.

Article blocks could be resized, elements switched on or off, depending on the context. Image proportions were designed for maximum flexibility and graded fades used on text to accommodate any length of copy.